The Speight’s Ale House situated in Grey Street, within CBD precinct of Palmerston North, was opened in November 2008. Owners Tim and Bernice Adlam originally both hail from the South and have brought a taste of Southern hospitality to the Manawatu.

The Speight’s Ale House Palmerston North was honoured by being named the winner of the Manawatu Registered 2009 Masterbuilders Commercial Property of the Year. All the superb tap ales served at The Speight’s Ale House are brewed to specifications and standards that date back over 100 years. When the original Ale House was opened the challenge given to the chefs was to produce hearty, value for money servings of southern fare and features Ale House classics like seafood chowder, blue cod, lamb shanks, steak, venison as well as vegetarian options.All meals are expertly matched to one of our fine tap ales, although an extensive range of wines, spirits, coffees and non-alcoholic drinks are also available. The Speight’s Ale House also offers set menu options for groups, including package deals. If you are looking for the perfect gift, meal vouchers are available on request at the bar.

The Speight’s Ale House is a superb venue for a group outing whether it is for a meal, drinks and nibbles in the bar or to enjoy the game on our big screen. This iconic venue,is a must do for both locals and visitors to Palmerston North.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends enjoying our hospitality.