The kitchen have rustled up a great selection of Southern favourites with generous portions to suit a real hunger. As master brewer, I have prepared a few tasting notes and selected the perfect partner for these great dishes.

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Ale House Loaf

Locally baked Speight's bread. Hot and delicious served with garlic or plain butter. Half or whole loaves available.


Malthouse Platter

Something to share, a selection of homemade paté, bread, soft cheese, relishes, pickles, dips, vegetable sticks, salami, champagne ham and seasoned chicken. Half or whole platters available.


Soup of the Day

Chef's choice of fresh homemade soup served with Speight’s Ale House bread.


Bluff Chowder

A local favourite. Seafood bound in a beautiful creamy fish stock, delicately flavoured with fresh herbs, served with Ale House toast.Enjoy this hearty chowder with a Speight's Summit.
Beer Match: Enjoy this hearty chowder with a Speight's Summit


Crispy Crumbed Camembert

An oldie but a goodie! Crispy camembert with a gooey centre, with spiced plum chutney.


Moeraki Mussels

Green lipped mussels simmered to perfection in our homemade green curry sauce.



Beef Schnitzel

Beef schnitzel lightly crumbed, served with either mushroom sauce or Ale House gravy, fries and salad greens.


Open Steak Sandwich

Locally baked foccaccia bread topped with rib-eye steak, homemade caramelised onions, mushrooms, egg and pesto mayo with your choice of english mustard or horseradish sauce.


Ophir Corn Fritters

Corn fritters made with a southern recipe served with streaky bacon and a refreshing tomato and coriander salsa.

Beer Match: Everyone's favourite – have a Speight's Gold Medal as well.


"Gold Medal" Calamari

Seasoned and lightly golden fried, match this with salad greens, lemon and aioli and there you have the makings of a classic. Small or large portions available. 

Beer Match: Goes without saying. Speight's Gold Medal – perfect!


Caesar Salad

The Ale House's spin on the traditional classic that has almost ingrained itself as a key part of the Kiwi dining scene. Cos lettuce, croutons, bacon, parmesan, anchovies, poached egg and our own caesar dressing. 
add chicken 24.0                                                                              

Beer Match: The full flavours of Speight's Distinction Ale goes perfectly here.


Warm Moroccan Chicken Salad

Moroccan style chicken on a bed of tabbouleh salad greens, avocado, grapes and cumin yoghurt dressing.


Thai Beef Salad

Marinated beef in authentic thai ingredients with salad greens, roasted cashews, crispy noodles and a refreshing homemade dressing.


Warm Roast Vegetable Salad

A combination of oven roasted root vegetables cooked with dukkah spices, feta cheese, cos lettuce, walnuts and olives finished with Ale House dressing and a splash of aioli.
Add bacon: 24.0

Beer Match: A lovely meal to have with a Speight's nutty and grassy Gold Medal Ale.


The Speight's Ale House Pie

Homemade pie of the day served with side salad & fries. Our friendly staff will let you know what the chef has created today.

Beer Match: Your waiter can suggest a suitable beer to have with today's pie


Pasta of the Day

Our friendly staff will let you know the pasta of the day special.

Beer Match: Your waiter can suggest a suitable beer to have with today's pasta dish.


Southern Man's "All Day" Breakfast

A breakfast feast available all day. Fried eggs, corn fritter, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato and Speight's Ale House hash browns. Served with toasted Ale House bread.

Beer Match: OK – if you have to have a beer with breakfast, it has to be Gold Medal Ale.


James Speight's Porter Sausage & Mash

Porter sausage on potato mash and topped with caramelised onion and gravy. Served with toasted Ale House bread.


Grandma's Lambs Fry

Thinly sliced lamb's liver, fried with bacon and caramelised onions, bound in a rich Speight's Old Dark gravy, served on potato mash, with toasted Ale House bread.

Beer Match: Just has to be Speight's Porter with this one.


Blue 'n' Gold

Great Southland Blue Cod, lightly golden fried in Speight's beer batter served with fresh garden salad and fries.


Catch of the Day

Allow our chefs to create for you a taste sensation using daily fresh fish from the markets. Please ask your waiter for today's inspiration.

Beer Match: A glass of Speight's Pilsner is just great with fish.


Deep South Salmon

Pan roasted fillet of Salmon served on a garlic caper mash, topped with a tomato ragout and horseradish and lime cream. With a choice of garden salad or fresh vegetables on the side.

Beer Match: Savour the flavour here with a glass of Speight's Gold Medal Ale.


Chicken Parcels

Chicken breast, bacon, Turkish apricots, cream cheese and smoked paprika wrapped in golden filo pastry, topped with plum sauce and toasted almond shavings. Served with green salad and crispy potatoes.

Beer Match: Enjoy with a glass of distinctively hoppy Speight's Summit.


Black Cherry Chicken

Pan roasted chicken supreme, stuffed with herbs, cashew nuts, soft cheese and bacon. Laid on kumara mash with a black cherry sauce and garden salad.

Beer Match: Speight's Porter has the complex flavours to enhance this dish.


Speight's Gourmet Burgers

All burgers are constructed with a toasted monster bun, lettuce, tomato caramelised onion and served with golden fries. Choice of:


Chargrilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado and camembert with plum chutney.

Homemade beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheddar and beetroot relish with hickory smoked BBQ sauce.

200g ostrich patty served with blue cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit chutney.

Frank Oliver's Spare Ribs

Slow roasted Pork Spare Ribs with lashings of Speight's Old Dark and chilli inspired BBQ sauce, served with buffalo chips topped with bacon, cheese, onion and chargrilled corn on the cob. Prepare to get messy with this one. Small or large available.


Shearer's Shanks

Slow cooked NZ lamb shank served on a potato mash with seasonal sreens topped with gremolata and served with Speights's Ale House gravy and mint glaze.

Beer Match: I must say this dish is perfect with Speight's Porter.


Stockman Steak

250g of prime rump steak, cooked to your liking topped with your choice of either creamy mushroom sauce, roasted garlic sauce or green peppercorn sauce. Served with golden fries and fresh salad.

Beer Match: Speight's Old Dark of course.


High Country Hog

One giant bacon-cured chop, served on potato, red onion and cabbage hash, topped with apple and pear chutney, finished with lashings of Ale House Gravy and seasonal vegetables.

Beer Match: This is great with a glass of Speight's Gold Medal Ale.


Musterer's Roast Lamb Cutlets

Thyme infused lamb cutlets cooked medium rare accompanied with kumara, parsnip and ginger hash, roasted vine ripened tomatoes, green beans then drizzled with our chefs special onion sauce and a rich jus.

Beer Match: A pint of Speight's Distinction Ale will go great with this.


The Highlander

Angus Pure rib-eye, served with potato gratin, buttered seasonal vegetables topped with a rich beef jus and beer battered onion rings.

300g   34.9 
600g  47.0  Tomahawke

Southern Man Steak

Medium Rare scotch fillet, carved and served with mushroom duxelles and a fresh house made salsa verde. Includes a side of pomme puree and onion gravy.



Egg 2.5
Onions 3.5
Beer Battered Onion Rings 6.5
Mushrooms 6.0
Avocado 4.0
Mushroom Sauce 2.5
Ale House Gravy 2.5
Garlic Sauce 2.5
Peppercorn Sauce 2.5
Streaky Bacon 6.0
Fries 4.0
Crunchy Potatoes 4.5
Pomme Puree 6.5
Side Vegetables 5.0
Side Salad 6.0
Crunchy Potatoes 4.5
Sour Cream 2.0
Aioli 2.0


Cromwell Crumble

Apple and mixed berry crumble ade from oats and popy seeds with house made custard and vanilla ice cream.


Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich, moist chocolate cake served hot with a decadent chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and cream.


A Trio of Ice Cream

A trio of Kapiti ice cream served in a brandy basket - ask your wait staff for today's flavour selection.


Farmhouse Cheesecake

Ask for today's selection.


Baby Pavlova

The kiwi classic surroundedwith a salad of fresh fruit, whipped cream, ice cream and smothered in a passionfruit syrup.


Banana Cigars

Deep fried until golden brown served with French vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a sensational thick coconut palm sugar sauce.


Sticky Date and Ginger Steamed Pudding

Grandma's favourite recipe this one, topped with butterscotch sauce,ice cream and whipped cream.


Banana Split

With all the bells and whistles!


*All desserts served with a crushed peanut praline

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